Plastics Please!

We divert your plastic waste from landfills and turn this into valuable fuel by-products.

We are a waste plastics company committed to repurposing all end-of-waste plastic in the United States. According to one U.S. study, the United States is the world's largest polluter of plastic waste.

Clean energy is our business.
Let's make it yours.

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What We Do

At Fuels for Change, we inspect waste plastic; collect, transport, and ship it to our processing facility. We convert this plastic into advanced bio-fuels using a circular, closed-loop process which requires exhaustive testing to meet the protocols required in making drop-in transportation fuels.

Our team continuously reviews our production fuels and by-products to ensure we distribute the highest quality output for our customers.


We want your plastic waste!

Get a FREE waste consultation!  Send us a sample of your plastic waste and we will do a FREE analysis to determine the best course of action.